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Production Team - Cast - Band - Crew

Production Team

Dan Shaer - Musical Director,  Wendy Shaer - Author,   Kim Dafoe - Director,

Anita Halfpenny - Choreographer,   Lesley Butler - Stage Manager,  Lance Jeffrey - Tech Director

Production Team

The Band

Back Row - Tim Roberts - Woodwinds & Percussion, Dan Shaer - Drums, James MacKenzie - Keyboards, Andrew Trott - Keyboards

Front Row - Neal Mattice - Guitars, Mark Bishop - Bass Guitar


Cast Members

The Movers & Shakers - Jenn Miller, John Miller & Wendy Shaer

Movers & Shakers

Rachel Lewington as Georgie

Rachel Lewington

Josh Lambert as Danny

Josh Lambert

Sonya Zaback as Windsong

Sonia Zaback

Kim Dafoe as Marion

Kim Dafoe

Anita Halfpenny as Jean

Anita Halfpenny

Doug Ankenmann as Joe

Doug Ankenmann

Scott Maybee as David

Scott Maybee

Karl Witty - Chris

Karl Witty

Alison Brant as Sarah & Grace

Alison Brant

Brittany Norman as Kelly

Brittany Norman

Sandra Clark as Shopkeeper/Chorus

Sandra Clark

Marko Stacey (dancer, chorus)


Dion Drewlo as Minister

Dion Drewlo

Manon Vasko - Dancer/Chorus

Mayon Yasko

Andy Francis - Chorus

Andy Francis

Behind The Scenes

 Courtney Gibbs (Assistant Stage Manager)

Edwin Koopmans (Lights - Multimedia)

Anne Heron (Costumes)

Brad Stone (Backstage Tech)